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acne free skin soap

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  • Buy African Formula Lemon Soap Bar for Acne-free Skin | Benefits | OBS

    7 Days Magic Exfoliating Lemon Soap Bar

    • 7 Days Magic Lemon Soap nourishes and cleanses the skin
    • This Exfoliating and Brightening Soap with argan oil is hydroquinone-free
    • A refreshing clarifying wash that can be used daily
    • 7 Days Magic Lemon Soap gives a smooth effect on your skin
    • It helps get rid of impurities that can cause body odors
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  • Buy Best Healthy Cleansing Soap Bar | Order Beauty Supply

    African Formula Healthy Cleansing Soap Bar:

    • African Formula Healthy Cleansing Soap Bar contains the finest natural active and vegetable ingredients
    • It is a creamy moisturizing soap and balances oily skin 
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