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Tag: Carotone Bsc Serum 30ml

Carotone Bsc Serum 30ml

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  • Carotone Dark Spot Corrector Oil Serum

    • Carotone Dark Spot Corrector Oil Serum is more suitable for very dry, scaly areas of skin, whereas moist or weepy skin, is best treated with the cream.
    • It is used in short courses to treat severe inflammatory skin disorders, such as those below, when milder corticosteroids have not been effective.
    • Skin disorder called lichen planus, in which there are patches on the skin that appear as flat-topped, shiny, almost violet itchy areas are also treated with Carotone Dark Spot Corrector Oil Serum
    • It also treats skin disorders called discoid lupus erythematosus, which is caused by the immune system attacking the skin.
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