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2 JOURS PROPRE Exfoliating Soap 225G/8oz.


  • Skin Lightening.
  • Evens skin tone.
  • Rich in collagen and plant extracts.
  • This soap has the advantage of delaying wrinkles.

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2 Jours Propre Exfoliating soap contains apricot powder to accelerate the removal of dead cells, and carrot oil with beta carotene to protect and brighten your skin. It gives a softer and smoother complexion. This exfoliating soap eliminates wrinklesdark spots and stretch marks.

2 JOURS PROPRE exfoliating soap, is rich in coco oil and plant extracts. It gives you wellness, light and glowing skin. This soap has the advantage of delaying wrinkles, giving you a soft and smooth skin.

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