Claire & White Lightening Exfoliating Soap 7 oz – Rose


Clair White Natural Handmade Rose Soap

  • CLAIR & WHITE Soap contains Retinal Palmitate to fight skin dark spots and blemishes.
  • Its rubbing action removes the dead cells while deeply cleansing the epidermis.
  • Lightens your skin leaving it smooth, even, and radiant.
  • Daily use, preferably before applying the CLAIR & WHITE lightening care.

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Benefits of Clair White Rose Soap

The benefits of Clair White Natural Handmade Rose Soap are as follows:

  • Thoroughly cleanses and eliminates impurities
  • Exfoliates dead cells and reveals skin radiance
  • Prepares the skin for the action of other products
  • Soft, supple, and radiant skin.
  • English rose lightens pigmentation marks, tones skin
  • No matter what the skin type, be it oily, dry, chapped, combination, or even sunburnt skin, Red Rose Oil oil is effective on all skin types
  •  This oil works on the skin as a gentle astringent by providing a soothing effect on the skin.
  • It reaches deep within the layers of the skin and diminishes the harm caused by skin allergies and the Sun
  • Red Rose oil has remarkable anti-aging properties 
  • It is an effective ingredient for retaining the suppleness and elasticity of the skin.
  • Rose Oil prevents wrinkles and also curbs all other factors which could lead to early-aging.
  • English rose’s astringency and rich vitamin C content help fade pigmentation marks

Ingredients in Clair White Natural Handmade Rose Soap:

Extracts of English rose and mulberry, rose oil, olive oil, coconut oil, palm kernel oil, argan oil

How to use Clair White Natural Handmade Rose Soap:

  1. Use daily on damp skin
  2. Massage in a circular motion
  3. Work up a lather and rinse well.
  4. For better results use it with BioCarrot Cream or BioCarrot Lotion or Clair White Lotion
FAQ’s on Clair White Natural Handmade Rose Soap:
Question: Mine is oily skin. Can I use this soap?

Answer: Yes. Suitable for all skin types

Question: Does it help in skin whitening?

Answer: Yes

Question: Can it be used on hair?

Answer: No, It is a body soap.

Question: Is it Organic?

Answer: Yes, absolutely.

Question: Does it lighten the skin?

Answer: Absolutely