Pure Skin Vanishing Care Body Soap


Pure Skin Exfoliating & Nourishing Soap

  • Moisturizing Soap
  • Unifies complexion
  • Pomegranate extracts & collagen

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Pure Skin Exfoliating & Vanishing Care Body Soap

The benefits of Pure Skin Exfoliating & Nourishing Soap:

  • Pure Skin vanishing care body soap with pomegranate seeds and collagen moisturizes the skin
  • Its rubbing action deeply cleanses the skin
  • This soap leaves your skin smooth, even, and radiant.
  • It may be used on all types of skin
  • This promotes the quick removal of dead skin cells and helps to generate new skin growth.
  • The result is soft and silky skin.
  • It is a moisture-rich bar.
  • It exfoliates and deeply cleanses the skin, helping to restore your skin’s youthful glow while removing impurities

Ingredients in Pure Skin Vanishing Care Body Soap:

Cocoate Nucifera, Elais Guineensis, Sodium Hydroxide, Pomegranate Seed Extracts, Collagen, Glycerin, Water, Propylparaben, Sodium Carbonate, Fragrance

How to use Pure Skin Exfoliating & Nourishing Soap:

  • Use it daily thrice on normal, oily, or dry skin
  • Work up a rich lather with warm water and wash affected areas in a slow circular motion
  • Rinse off
  • Repeat this procedure three times as you will want to eliminate all residues
  • For better results, use it with Idole Lotion or Idole Cream
FAQ’s on Pure Skin Exfoliating & Nourishing Soap:
Question: What is the cost of Pure Skin Exfoliating & Nourishing Soap?

Answer: $3.99. This price is affordable and it is giving more benefits to customers

Question: What are the reviews on Pure Skin Exfoliating & Nourishing Soap?

Answer: It has got very good reviews. Most of the customers have given it a 5 star rating. This is helping many customers and they are very happy with the product. For more info on Pure Skin reviews visit our review section

Question: Is glycerin good for the skin?

Answer: Glycerin is great for the skin because it acts as a humectant, which is a substance that allows the skin to retain moisture. It can increase skin hydration, relieve dryness, and refresh the skin’s surface. It’s also an emollient, which means it can soften skin.

Question: What does Pomegranate do to your face?

Answer: Pomegranate is your skin’s best friend because it is known to have many anti-aging benefits. It is also believed to improve the texture of the skin

Question: Is it unisex?

Answer: Yes

Question: Is it suitable for dry skin?

Answer: Suitable for all skin types

Question: Does it remove dark acne scars?

Answer: Yes

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