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  • The Clairmen soap has been specially designed for the perfect beauty of black skin. Thanks to its active ingredients, it makes your skin clear, clean and spotless.

    Clairmen Lightening Program Soap For Men is a nourishing bleaching toilet soap for men. This whitening soap contains a lightening agent which smooths the skin giving it a uniform and luminous look.

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  • The Clairman cream has been specially designed by African cosmetics experts for perfect black skin. Thanks to its bioactive principles, it makes your skin clear and spotless.


    Instructions: In order to get a clearer and more evenly complexion, apply on the entire body morning and evening after shower or bath. 300ml

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  • Clairmen lightening program lotion formula for men is rich in vitamin e and formulated with natural lightening agents, moisturizes and corrects hyper pigmentation markings of the skin.

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