Clair White Kojic Turmeric Soap Natural Glowing Effect 7oz


Clair White Skin Clarifying Soap

  • With Kojic Acid & Papaya Extract
  • Natural Glowing Effect
  • Provide Radiant Youthful Skin


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Clair White Skin Clarifying Soap

The benefits of Clair White Skin Clarifying Soap:

  • With Kojic & Turmeric Extract
  • Regular use will provide youthful glowing skin
  • Natural Glowing Effect
  • Clair White Kojic Acid & Turmeric Extract work together to help reduce the appearance of damaged skin, discolorations, age & dark spots, sun spots, pigment associated with hormones, birth control pills & from daily sun exposure, tanning, adult hormonal breakouts, & pregnancy.
  • This potent blend also leaves skin silky smooth & soft.
  • Hyaluronic acid is a substance naturally occurring in the human body that attracts and binds water.
  • It is capable of holding up to 1000 times its own weight in water. By capturing water, it plays a very important role in keeping skin smooth and plump

Ingredients in Clair White Soap:

Kojic Acid, Turmeric Extracts, Vitamin C, Glutathione, Petrolatum, Mineral Oil, Stearic Acid, Cetearyl Alcohol, Isopropyl Myristate, Glycerin, Vit. E, Aqua, Fragrance, Sodium Palmate, Sodium Palm kernelate

How to use Clair White Skin Clarifying Soap:

  • Soak yourself in warm water
  • Apply the soap all over the body, especially on skin folds
  • Rinse off with warm water once the lather is formed
  • Let the body dry up naturally or dry it with a towel using the blotting method
  • For better results use it with a 7-day magic Lotion. or Clair White Carrot Lotion or Clair White Gel
FAQ’s on Clair White Skin Clarifying Soap:
Question: Is it unisex?

Answer: Yes

Question: What are the reviews on Clair White Soap?

Answer: It has got very good reviews. Most of the customers have given it a 5 star rating. This is helping many customers and they are very happy with the product. For more info on Clair White reviews visit our review section

Question: Is it only for Women?

Answer: It is for both men and women.

Question: Why is this used?

Answer: Moisturizing very dry skin. Can also be used for mildly dry skin types.

Question: Is it good for itchy skin?

Answer: Yes, Use it along with 7 days of magic carrot soap  or 7-day magic lemon soap  for best results

Question: Can we use it on the face?

Answer: No

Question: Is it suitable for all skin types?

Answer: Yes

Question: Will this bleach my skin?

Answer: It does not contain bleach but it helps in lightening skin tone.

Question: Are the ingredients present in it are safe

Answer: Yes, the ingredients in kojic turmeric soap are safe to use

Question: Can I use this twice a day

Answer:Yes, you can use it twice a day

Question:Is it safe for all the skin types.

Answer: Yes, it is completely safe for all the skin types..

Question: Will this lighten dark spots?

Answer:Yes, It will lighten skin tone with regular use.


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