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CT+ Clear Therapy Extra lightening Body Serum 2.5 Fl. oz / 75 ml.

(4 customer reviews)

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CT+ Intense Skin Lightening Serum

  • Flawless Complexion.
  • Reduces Pigmentation.
  • Minimizes Dark Spots
  • For external use only.
  • Store in a cool and dry place

Benefits of CT+ Serum

The benefits of CT+ Intense Skin Lightening Serum are as follows:

  • CT+ serum is special facial fluid care targeting pigmentation problems caused by sun exposure, age, and pregnancy.
  • Its fruit acids complex is proven to reduce the appearance of pigmentation and brighten the skin.
  • The high concentration of CT+ Serum guarantees a flawless complexion by unifying action.
  • Use morning or evening
  • Advanced sun protection from the assault of UVA and UVB rays and pollution to preserve skin’s health and beauty for a flawless complexion
  • It is a lightweight, non-greasy, non-sticky, and refreshing face serum.
  • It imparts deep nourishment to the skin with a non-sticky after-feel.
  • Also, it is known as the brightening ingredient.
  • This serum helps in diminishing the look of acne scars, dark spots, and dark circles
  • This serum also imparts an eternal glow to the face.
  • It brightens up the skin complexion and smoothens out skin texture to keep your skin radiant and youthful

Ingredients in CT+ Intense Skin Lightening Serum:

Aqua, Olive Oil, Sesame Oil, Almond Oil, Vitamin E, Butyl Hydroxy Toluene, Jojoba Oil, Cyclopentasiloxane, Glycerin

How to use CT+ Intense Skin Lightening Serum:

  • After the bath, dispense the body oil serum into the palm
  • Apply it to damp or dry skin as needed.
  • Massage it over the entire body until completely absorbed for better results
  • Use it twice a daily along with the 7-day magic soap or BioCarrot Soap or Clair White Soap
FAQ’s on CT+ Intense Skin Lightening Serum:
Question: Does it work on Oily Sensitive skin?

Answer: Best suited for dry skin. It can be used for oily skin

Question: Can we use it in the summer?

Answer: Yes

Question: Is it an essential oil?

Answer: No, but is a mixture of various oils

Question: Is it a skin fairness oil? Does it make skin look white?

Answer: It is a skin lightening and shimmering oil, lightens dark spots, and gives an even skin tone.

Question: Can I use it on the scalp?

Answer: It is a skin oil

Weight 16 lbs
Dimensions 13 × 10 × 13 in

Clear Therapy

4 reviews for CT+ Clear Therapy Extra lightening Body Serum 2.5 Fl. oz / 75 ml.

  1. Elaine

    I have been using the compass for weeks and I must say that it’s awesome.
    This product is good for the beginners too. The product is really good for the skin.

  2. cleothaharris

    Great Serum at this price point and leaves a very smooth skin

  3. cleothaharris

    Good Serum at this price point and leaves a very smooth skin, also it lightens the skin with an even skin tone

  4. deiondre

    It actually lightens the skin….very much impressed

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