Lemon Glow Ultimate Lightening Treatment Gel 1 oz. / 30 g

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Lemon Glow Ultimate Skin Care Gel

  • With Lemon Peel & Red Lingonberry Seed Oil
  • This gel will improve your overall skin texture, softening your skin’s texture while providing you with impressive brightening results.
  • The gel regulates oil & treats acne

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Benefits of Lemon Glow Gel:

The benefits of Lemon Glow Ultimate Skin Care Gel are as follows:

  • With Lemon Peel & Red Lingonberry Seed Oil
  • Lemon Glow Gel is formulated with Lemon peel Oil that helps enhance the clarity, glow, and smoothness of the skin
  • Its nutrients works to cleanse and brighten the skin, remove dead skin and stimulate skin growth.
  • It also contains pure natural seed oil from Arctic lingonberries
  • Formulated for acne-prone skin, this cream refreshes and revitalizes the skin while providing a noticeably brighter skin.
  • Reduces spots, firms skin, reduces the appearance of lines & wrinkles, smoothens and moisturizes skin, reduces pores, and makes your skin glow
  • Start using from your 20s to fight skin aging
  • Keeps skin protected from harsh weather
  • Suitable for all skin types

Ingredients in Lemon Glow Ultimate Skin Care Gel:

Lemon Extracts, Aqua (Water), Glyceryl Stearate, Isopropyl Myristate, Cetearyl Alcohol, PEG 100-Stearate, Glycerin, Mulberry Root Extract (Moris Betula Alba), Dimethicone, Lanolin Oil, Decyl Oleate, Aloe Vera, Propylene Glycol, Vaccinium Vitis-idaea (Lingonberry) Seed Oil, Citrus Medica Limonum (Lemon) Peel Oil, Licorice Extract (Glycyrrhiza Vitamin-E, Glabra) Paraffinum, Parfum (Fragrance), Sodium Lactate, (Vitamin A) retinyl Palmitate, Octyl Dimethyl PABA, Carbomer, Allantoin, Ascorbic Acid, triethanolamine, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate

How to use Gel:

  • Cleanse the skin
  • Lightly scoop out the gel crème into your palm.
  • Dot the gel across your forehead, cheeks, nose, and chin
  • Gently massage with circular movements, starting from the center to the contours of your face.
  • For best results, repeat the application at least twice a day and avoid exposure to direct sunlight, and use it with 7-day magic soap. or Lemon Glow Soap
FAQ’s on Lemon Glow Ultimate Skin Care Gel:
Question: What is the cost of Lemon Glow Gel?

Answer: $12.99. This price is affordable and it is giving more benefits to customers

Question: What are the reviews on Lemon Glow Gel?

Answer: It has got very good reviews. Most of the customers have given it a 5 star rating. This is helping many customers and they are very happy with the product. For more info on Lemon Glow reviews visit our review section

Question: What is the use of Lemon Peel?

Answer: Lemon peel contain high amounts of Vitamin C and calcium and thus helps in improving and maintaining skin health when applied on face and body

Question: Can I use it every day?

Answer: Yes

Question: Does it remove dark circles?

Answer: To some extent

Question: Is it a night cream?

Answer: It’s a regular gel cream

Question: Can I use it in the winter?

Answer: Yes

Question: Will it treat acne?

Answer: Yes, It treats acne,scars and pigmentation.

Question: Is it suitable for all skin types?

Answer: Yes,It can be suitable for all skin types

Question:Are the ingredients safe for use?

Answer: The ingredients in it are very safe for use

Question: Can I use this twice a day

Answer:Yes, you can use it twice a day

Question:Is it safe for all the skin types.

Answer: Yes, it is completely safe for all the skin types

Caution: Avoid contact with eyes and lips. Do not use it on children under 12 years old. For external use only. Keep in a cool and dry place.
Weight 16 lbs
Dimensions 13 × 10 × 13 in

Lemon Glow

8 reviews for Lemon Glow Ultimate Lightening Treatment Gel 1 oz. / 30 g

  1. amber

    Nice fragrance.
    Creamy consistency suitable for dry skin.

  2. amber

    Nice fragrance.
    Creamy consistency suitable for dry skin.
    and fast delivery

  3. lunaluaren

    Give this product a try. You will love it. Wish I had taken before pictures. Lol.

  4. imanilaguerta

    I normally have very sensitive skin, and this product has done a very good job..

  5. alicelily

    In love with this lemon glow gel. Love the fragrance.
    Highly recomended

  6. elliescarlet

    This lemon glow gel is just awesome. Loved the fragrance. I always feel fresh when applied.

  7. Ria Watson

    “It helps retain natural moisture in the skin and prevents excessive drying of the skin. It helps you absorb excess oil while retaining essential oil, maintaining good skin health.
    Got to see the results in less time. Loved it”

  8. Stella Jackson

    my skin glow and keeps it healthy and safe from pollution effects like pigmentation and uneven skin tone. Long time user and loving it

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