Nairobi Detoxifying Shampoo 8 oz


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This excellent deep cleansing shampoo with a botanical base emollient-rich formula delicately removes residual build of oils, dirt, and styling products. The first step is total hair and scalp restoration.

Benefits of Detoxifying Shampoo

  • Ph balance at 6.0
  • Promotes healthy hair growth
  • Unclogs hair follicle
  • No striping
  • Increases volume
  • Prepares hair for deep conditioning treatments
  • Removes hair-dulling impurities that may coat hair
    • Chlorine
    • Iron
    • Medications
    • Styling gel


  • Panthenol (vitamin B-5)
  • Ginseng
  • Yellow Root
  • Rosemary
  • Wheat Germ Oil

How to Use Detoxifying Shampoo

Apply shampoo to wet hair, massage into a rich lather, and rinse. For best results, shampoo twice. Follow up with our Oats & Honey Soothing Conditioner.

FAQ’s on this Shampoo

Is Nairobi good for your hair?

Yes, Its good for hair And Oats is also rich in beta glucan, Just touch of honey will help with attract moisture as a humectant.

Does Nairobi help your hair grow?

Yes, It helps for hair grow.

Is Nairobi good for oily hair?

Nairobi absorbs oil and impurities from the scalp thus leaving it cleansed and healthy

Is Nairobi good for dandruff?


Is Nairobi shampoo good for sensitive skin?


A deep cleansing clarifying & detoxifying shampoo that removes previous product buildup, residue, pollutants, and excess oil from the scalp & hair for a fresh, clean start.


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